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About us

Created with passion for the music

The story

Logo prototype Created in 2019 with passion for innovation and music, Alyra is a platform whose aim is to make it easy for you to search musical studios and their services, but also to allow you to offer your own.

We want the artists to no longer be blocked in their creation by the step of choosing a studio and want that the studios enjoy greater visibility for free. Our goal is to make music creation easy and accessible to everyone, by creating a strong and passionate community.

Our company is the result of a friendship between two entrepreneurial engineers, Thomas and Charles, which was born on the school benches in Paris. We have developed and designated everything because we want to give the most personalized, secure, pleasant, simple and fast experience possible.

We can't wait to create lots of things with you !


We are also very concerned about our environment; for this reason, we are continuously optimizing Alyra, so that the data that is transmitted and exchanged between you and us, and between users, is strictly necessary and relevant. We clean and check regularly our database, as well as our server, in order not to stock useless data, which would generate a higher consumption of electricity for the server. All this together allows us to reduce Alyra鈥檚 ecological impact to the maximum.


Thomas Mebius
Thomas Mebius

Charles Tarnier
Charles Tarnier

Press resources

If you need resources (logo, presentation, illustrations...), please contact us ( or +33 1 40 76 76 70) and we will be happy to send you the necessary as soon as possible.


We're here for music right? Here are some musics of our circle, good discovery: