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Live stream shows, virtual stage and ticketing for artists. You got a notification
Your virtual show experience
Connect with your favorite artist in a special live show.
Show your support with the chat ! Artists receive the major part of each ticket sold.
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Sell your tickets easily and safely with Alyra.
HD video, HD sound, low latency
High quality
Get the most of it with our technology. Full HD, 60 FPS, high quality audio, low latency, just as if your spectators were with you.
Streaming software
Easy configuration
Easy live configuration ! Compatible with the most recent softwares such as OBS Streamlabs.

This is how it will go :

1. You will be redirected to the payment page
2. Once the payment made, you will receive your ticket by email (unshareable link)
3. Once the show's date comes up, you will just have to click on the link and enjoy the show !

By validating your purchase, you accept the Terms and Conditions of Services and the Data Protection Policy. I want to receive the next live show dates !


One thing before you go :

To ensure that everyone has the best possible time during this live, we expect you to play by the rules.
By continuing you therefore fully accept Alyra's Terms and Conditions of Services and its Data Protection Policy.